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    Before I even write this I know somehow the admins are going to save everyone's ass or twist the story in some way, but here it goes.
    Earlier today I decided I was going to give Zerania another try to see if I was interested. After curiosity I went to Factions where I met a great player base. Until a player was banned, not falsely(surprisingly). I knew the ban was okay until a staff member by the name of DeltaNguyner decided to make a horrible remark. He explained how as soon as the ban happened he knew people would be crying about it, and some other words that were just toxic in general. After confronting him about how he could simply just direct the "crying" player to forums, he said you cannot be nice on Factions because it supposedly does not work. As ex staff and player since Op factions season 1 I understand how toxic factions can be, but simply not trying the "nice" route is failing as staff. Not everyone on Factions is toxic and there was no need to say remarks like that. He then continued telling me that since he was staff since August there was not a alternative route, as stated above I was Ex-Staff And I can think of a dozen other ways to handle that situation. Now as a now ex-player due to this encounter i'm asking myself one question, How do admins allow players like this to become staff? Oh wait its because they're all friends and that group of people aren't affected by the normal laws. Once again Zerania has failed at staff but shoutout to the staff that actually do shit

    I already know what critizism this will get from staff and players, I just hope there are still some intelligent people left on this server

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    As this is obviously intended to be a staff report, I will move it to staff reports after making my comments. I am close with a good portion of the staff team, but they also all know that I could not care less about that. If they believe I make bad choices and am otherwise unfit to be staff, I would gladly accept my demotion. All staff are subject to the rules.

    1. When I logged on, the factions chat was anything but friendly. There were players disrespecting staff, others advertising and even more simply being toxic. Like you said, I've worked at zerania since August, and anyone will agree with me when I say that factions has a much less friendly playerbase than its skyblock counterparts, including you. Yes, I understand not all players act up, but most do. Like I said in that screenshot, most players aren't like you. Generalizing the players, I do act firmer on factions, as players rarely ever listen to staff there. Firm words and firm actions, although still not entirely effective, work better than how I would have handled the situation on opsb or minions. I do understand how this can be taken as toxic or cold, but it is hardly my intention. There are alternative routes, but there is a high chance, especially on factions, that the player will lash out, continue to break rules, disregard staff in entirety, and simply not listen. I am not a staff that allows players to step all over the team for no reason, and that is increasingly the situation with the Zerania playerbase.
    2. My remark about people crying about the ban was to explain my consideration of the punishment time. The ban, although it should have been permanent, was seven days, because I knew that players would complain or make up excuses. I was explaining my leniency in his punishment to the players. The word that seems to upset everyone here was "crying". Yes, I admit that it isn't the friendliest choice of words, and I do apologize if you feel that I was rude in that way. I could have used other words, such as complaining, and I have no other excuse for that other than that it was simply the only word choice I could think of in the moment.
    3. My answers regarding the crying player later were misinterpreted. I have absolutely no problems with referring players to the forums, and if you had been there 2 minutes earlier, you would have seen me referring another player, specifically the one who was banned, to the forums, to make a staff report. My answers were referring to my dealing with his ban, not my comment.
    Thank you for your report. This will be a learning experience for me no matter the result.

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