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Jan 18, 2018 at 1:12 PM
Feb 15, 2016
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Zerania Management

Management, Male


2k18! Jan 12, 2018

Zerania Management was last seen:
Jan 18, 2018 at 1:12 PM
    1. Zerania Management
    2. SoccerSzimon
      Your a corrupt admin and should be relieved of your duties asap. Bushabean muted me earlier today and then proceeded to ban me. Little did he know Chef_Tissues was calling me names in /msg but I didn't have time to screenshot because of him banning me. Worst and most corrupt server I've ever been on.
      1. Autofire11
        Nobody was abusive or corrupt. You got muted for your language. Then you proceeded to mute evade.. How is that unfair and corrupt?
        Jan 5, 2018
    3. Embralica
      Cant wait to see what this server had to offer! (New here)
      1. Zerania Management likes this.
    4. Grandma Shaded
      Grandma Shaded
      I can't wait to see the progress Zerania has made! So hyped!!! ^-^
    5. JDB808
      I made an account. My in game username is the same as this one
    6. Joeblockhead
      I finally made a account
      1. JDB808 likes this.
    7. Grandma Shaded
      Grandma Shaded
      ...Is it just me, or is almost mostly every Staff/Helper/Moderator/Admin a male...? I kinda don't know whether to feel offended, or it's just that girls don't play video games anymore. I think I'm an outcast. :)
      1. JackieKid7183
        There are 4 staff members who are females, including myself :)
        Aug 19, 2017
    8. Caeden
      I would like to report delerio11 for muting me for typing fast. I was explaining my thoughts to him about want spam would be like and he muted me. Ex. of what I said, "you shouldn't warn someone for spam when they type quickly" 10sec later I said, "spam is something like repeating the same thing multiple times". Ex. Like saying" I like pie" 3-6 times. Thank you for your time and please tell him that this offended me.
      1. JackieKid7183
    9. William Samford
      William Samford
      Hey! I play the server quite a lot and have made a lot of money on it.....but when I got the 1.12.1 update, it wouldnt load the server for me and i gives me the message saying that it is a outdated server. Are y'all updating it or is it just me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      1. JackieKid7183
        Make sure you have the correct IP Address: play.zerania.net
        Aug 3, 2017
    10. TheLoneWolf
      I am trying to play the faction for the first time but it keeps on telling me that it can't connect to the world what do I do
    11. Kuoki
      Please don't ban me that my first time to join in
    12. Codybear12
      I bought the get out of jail thing to unban my account, I also purchased the overlord rate... I still have not gotten unbanned 5 hours later. Also how I got banned was for Hacked Client which is completely false I have McDonalds wifi so sometimes it looks like I am facing the wrong way when I hit mobs. Still, I have not gotten my rewards that I paid money for... So can you please unban me?
      1. Kuoki likes this.
    13. hannah01234
      Also, when is the Pixelmon sever coming out?
      1. Anthony Ramirez likes this.
    14. hannah01234
      I just realized that the faction reset is the 17th XD
    15. Hawgsooie274
      also MOONBEAR152 is my friend and a witniss
    16. Hawgsooie274
      please help!
    17. Hawgsooie274
      Zerania Management Look on staff reports and read wat i posted and please here me out and get his settled i got Wrongfuly banned by Eigs for auto clicking and moving my mouse that he thought i had kill aura also he said that if i said i was haking i could get unnbanned also he kept changing his reasons for me being banned first he said it was illegal to use other peoples grinders and use an enchanted sword on them.
    18. XxmcdroidxX
      hey andy i was wondering if u could tell me where to apply for staff
    19. The_NeTh3r_Squid
      Hello! I would like to apply for staff, and for some reason i can`t reply on conversations??
      1. Awesompandagirl likes this.
      2. SilverHawk1015
        Are you sure you have confirmed the email request? Just saying because I had the same problem.
        Apr 2, 2017
    20. Zerania Management
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