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Apr 23, 2017 at 8:53 AM
Apr 15, 2016
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Dec 29, 1996 (Age: 21)

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Owner, Male, 21

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Apr 23, 2017
    1. Leo krasnoperow
      Leo krasnoperow
      xxtheninja banned me can you pls unban me
    2. zerorad
      i have no id how to come in your world i am new from amsterdam
      whare or what mast i download to enter your world greating from the nederlands amasterdam zerorad
      1. DeltaNguyener
        You can join our minecraft server by using multiplayer mode and joining using the ip:
        Feb 11, 2018
    3. SoccerSzimon
      Your a corrupt admin and should be relieved of your duties asap. Bushabean muted me earlier today and then proceeded to ban me. Little did he know Chef_Tissues was calling me names in /msg but I didn't have time to screenshot because of him banning me. Worst and most corrupt server I've ever been on.
    4. SidedHawk123
      Hey Creeper
      I was wondering how to sign up to become a STAFF member. I have had a lot of experience on other servers and I think that I am ready to become a STAFF member. Could you please send the link to me so that I can put in my application.
      Many Thanks - Hawk
      1. Vex
    5. CaptainSparkles
      Hello CreeperMovie, this is CaptainSparkles from the land of youtube. I am looking for a new server to play on, and I think i found it, yours. Please upgrade my account, CaptainSparklezs, so i can escape from the hate. Please respond and do so. Cheers!!
      1. TheMCTurtle
        When you realize..
        That you have a scammer on your hands
        Aug 20, 2017
    6. Rino J. Windever
      Rino J. Windever
      how do i even get on your server, and yes i am everything
    7. robotspartan
      help delerio banned me for helping in a riot when I was afk :;( artemuu
    8. MysticGoldenDragon
      where do I go to apply for a helper position?
    9. TheShadow2079
      Can i apply for a job please?
      I need one
    10. Jaron Haverdink
      Jaron Haverdink
      So i play on Op factions a lot and i bought some runes from someone that used to play a long time ago and now they won't work and it would be nice if maybe u could trade me new ones that work to replace them. My Minecraft username is cadenburns. Plays get back to me soon if u can do this for me.
    11. PapaBless21
      Hello ,I would love to apply for a staff postion on your server.
      1. Love__
        You need to apply in the staff application section.
        May 17, 2017
    12. Drouwzation
      Hello, My name is Phillip Saukel and i hear about you guys there was a massage in the chat that you guys are looking for a staff i wil be a staff for the server i can be a good staff beceause i am 16 years old and i have now vacation beceause my school endet so i have a lot of time to play on the server and be a good staff please send me a message back when you are intresded.
      1. Love__
        You need to apply in the staff application section. Use the correct format ;)
        Apr 13, 2017
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    Dec 29, 1996 (Age: 21)