Hello Zerania! As I’m sure most of you are aware, this has been a crazy month and there are a lot of changes going on within the staff team. One new thing that you may want to be aware of is that I will be taking on Delerio’s past role as Manager.

Firstly, Welcome PritiPi as our new Developer. She’s been working hard and we have a few improvements you might be able to notice in game.

  • Mcmmo is now enabled in pvp
  • Vote party now requires 80 votes, instead of 150
  • The levels in /oregen are now accurate and reliable
  • Time between envoys reduced
  • Envoy crates have received a buff, some keys now included

Regular Factions:

Server Wide VoteParty Revamp:
Vote party has had its total vote requirements lowered substantially. As well as a boss will now spawn in the /warp bossarena. Bosses can drop rare spawners, crate keys, and even ranks!

Speaking of changes, there will be a reset for factions and OPSkyblock coming soon. Exact dates will be announced later. But before then of course, a big congratulations to our top three factions on the regular server! Prizes for ftop and top voter will be distributed soon.

  • 1st Place: Memoria
  • 2nd Place: Terror
  • 3rd place: All State

The forums have also had a few new details added such as: Account ranks with perks for forums and colored nametags!

And for the big finale question that everyone wants to know: Who is left on the staff team? So here is your updated list:

Current Staff Ign/forums name:

BlackWeb_ Diet Mod on OPSkyblock and Minions

DeltaNguyener Diet Mod on Minions

Bushabean Diet Mod on Factions

Hyddraa/iTnTzHD Diet Mod on Opfactions

FokkusuKami Diet Mod on Minions

Eaglesrule1019 Senior Moderator

lRevex Senior Moderator

MilaDog Senior Moderator

JackieKid7183 Admin

Caffinatedkid Head Admin/Manager

Pritiipi Developer


  • Instiicts
  • Exlipher
  • LetsGo (Developer)
  • Brekinho
  • DerpyDevil
  • Smusher328
  • FK
  • Andy724
  • XTheRealNinjaX
  • Delerio
  • Spartan432x
  • __IRaze__

We have noticed players quitting Zerania and moving to other places. Our job is to bring back this server and do everything needed, including: Bug fixes, Events, Social media, and Server resets.

We want to bring excitement back into Zerania, so we’d love your input more than ever. Please use the suggestions thread and tags to tell us what you’d like to see added to the server and to the store!

Hey Zeranians! Sorry for the wait, had a few extra things going on. I'm pleased to announce that this month will include some HUGE updates for Zerania! I'm super excited about this, as well as my staff team. Before I get into that, I would like to announce this month's top voters and a few changes to our staff team. I do not have possession of the vouchers yet, but I will PM the winners as soon as I obtain them!

To start off, I would like to thank every staff member for their hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness throughout their career here, and wish the best of luck to those that have left us.

  • BoycotMC - Helper, Prison
  • Blackweb_ - Helper, OP Skyblock
  • Hyddraa - Helper, OP Factions
  • Instiincts - Helper, Factions
  • PriTiPi - Diet Mod, OP Skyblock
  • DeltaNguyener - Diet Mod, Minion Skyblock
  • lRevex - Diet Mod, Factions
  • Fokkusukami - Diet Mod, Minion Skyblock
  • Miladog - Diet Mod, OP Skyblock
  • Caffinatedkid (Welcome back!) - Senior Moderator, All servers
  • Brekinho - Senior Moderator, All servers

Demotions / Resignations
  • Sankura
  • BLJ2002
  • Boycot (again)
  • Miladog
  • MsToasty
  • Bay_Leaf
Whew! Decent amount of changes there. Thanks to everyone who has joined us, and for those of you who have left us. Up next, top voters! Congratulations to all of you who have won, and I'll be sure to get the vouchers asap!

50$ Voucher - DeltaNguyener

40$ Voucher - Ender_Lord1

30$ Voucher - Taawus

20$ Voucher - Brekinho

10$ Voucher - anonimeu

For those of you who I haven't contacted already. Please contact me via the forums or Discord so I can get the vouchers to you immediately!

As most of you will come to find, I enjoy pushing out new updates as much as possible. I have big plans for this month. Here are a few planned changes [​IMG].

- Complete revamp of Discord, including custom ranks, rules, giveaways, and layout

- Events. Most events our staff team has planned are ready, and we've already posted one here! Keep an eye out, because this month will be a big one for events!

- Applications. I've chosen a few members to assist me in revamping all of our applications, including the YouTuber, Builder, and Staff Applications.

- Social Media. We've undergone multiple changes in ownership of our social media platforms, but I have put together a team of staff members that will assist me in running all of our social media platforms, so stay tuned!

We are now working on fixing multiple bugs, we hope this helps!