Hey Zeranians,
You can now make purchases from the Spooky Holiday Event on Buycraft!
At the moment, we only have them on the Skyblock servers:
  • OP Skyblock
  • Minions Skyblock
They are listed for a very reasonable price, so come and play with these new additions. (Good if you don't want to do the work to get them xD)

Pictures Below!
Official Halloween Fun
Hey Zeranians, you're in for some treats!
Starting from tomorrow morning to November 1st (Midnight CST),
Vote Parties will have a special treat in honor of the Spooky Holidays!
Curious what ghostly prizes awaits you?
  • Unique gear
  • Permanent weekly /kit
    • 4 new kits!
    • Use /kit once a week
    • Permanently on Zerania
  • Titles
  • Keys
  • Spawners
  • Ranks
  • Maybe even a very own Hallowed Egg! (So much easier to fight a boss on your own island!)
So come and play, there isn't much time! Only 16 days!