Official Factions
Hey Zeranians, thanks to our awesome dev, Factions is now up!

Due to the reset, we will be extending the
SPOOKY OCTOBER EVENTS for 2 more weeks! (Only Factions/Including Buycraft)

With the reopening, we will be offering
store credit for ftop. These prizes can be received in lobby. (Contest ends on January 1st)

Have fun fellow Zeranians!!!
Hey Zeranians,

The staff team and I hope you all enjoyed the SPOOKY OCTOBER EVENTS!!! To end this nice month off, there will be a sale on!! Everything is 25% off until this Monday, October 30th!! There’s only a couple days, so hurry up!! Theres also a Complete Hallowed Event Package now purchasable on buycraft!! (Spoilers down below!)

  • ALL Spooky items will be removed by the end of this month.
  • Last Boss Event tomorrow at 4pm EST, hope you all can make it!!