Hey Zeranians, ready to hear about this month's theme and events!? (For more information on the Kits and Boss Eggs, please check out the store website)

New Kits
New Bosses
New Crate
  • Event Boss Crate
    • OP Skyblock, Minions Skyblock, Factions
    • Located at /warp crates
    • Purchasable on buycraft
    • Contains boss eggs from previous/current events
      • Spooky Holiday Event
      • Fall Holiday Event
Vote Party
  • OP Skyblock and Minions Skyblock
    • Factions has their last week of the Spooky October Events
  • Added Pilgrim Boss to each vote party
  • Be prepared to fight for your rewards! (These bosses are tough and competition is fierce)
Have fun my fellow Zeranians!
p.s. Castle Wars will be coming out in 2 weeks! :D
Hey Zeranians! Looks like we’ve managed to get the monthly announcements on time, haha! There has been many changes, so let’s get started! :D

  • FsxPvp Helper
  • xNight_Wolfx Helper
  • HighVoltage Helper
  • RedAssassin Helper
  • ExplodedChicken Helper
  • DRC333 Helper ---> Diet Mod
  • BlackWeb_ Diet Mod ---> Sr. Mod
  • FokkusuKami Diet Mod ---> Sr. Mod

  • HighVoltage
  • DeltaNguyener
Where are they :
  • FsxPvp Minion Skyblock
  • DRC333 Minion Skyblock (During OPfacs Reset)
  • xNight_Wolfx OP Skyblock
  • RedAssassin OP Skyblock
  • ExplodedChicken OP Skyblock
  • BlackWeb_ Global
  • FokkusuKami Global

Top Voters
  1. _PandaGames_ -> $50
  2. Kirito990 -> $40
  3. xCole -> $30
  4. CristiTGC -> $20
  5. _Geo1010_ -> $10

Please message me
ASAP on the forums, discord, or in game if you were one of the top voters, or else you won’t be able to redeem your reward as they have a limited life span :D (JackieKid7183#6661)

  • Ability to buy 3 unbans
  • Ability to buy title crate keys
  • Ability to buy minions with unlimited life
  • Ability to buy a stack of minion essence
  • Ability to buy from the Spooky Boss Events (Factions only)

  • New crates:
  • Titan crate
  • Spartan crate
  • Trojan crate
  • Prizes you can receive:
  • Titan kit
  • Spartan kit
  • Trojan kit
  • Rank Vouchers (Server Only)
  • Keys
  • Ore blocks
  • Black scrolls
  • Custom enchant books
  • Money


  • Title crates have been added to Skyblocks! Check out the new titles you can get at /warp crates:
  • Oh Canada!
  • 4 Mother Russia!
  • Merica! USA
  • Schwein haben Germany
  • Vive la France
  • CostaRica
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • England
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Brazil is Life
  • Skybok
  • Highroller
  • Rainbow
  • Angel
  • Devil
  • Abuse!
  • Yeet
  • Lemme Smash!


This time of the year is very ‘Spooky’ and so we decided to decorate appropriately. The following areas have been decorated on our servers:

  • Spawn
  • Warp pvp
  • Warp crates
These Themes change depending on what holiday is being/going to be celebrated.


Run by MilaDog & JackieKid7183
  • Giveaway bot
    • This is a simple little way to let you guys in on some In-game Giveaways!
    • If you want to do a give-away feel free to contact a Staff Member and we'll be glad to do it. Please include the following information:
      • IGN
      • What you’re giving away
      • When you want it to end
      • Amount of winners
    • For the giveaway bot, we plan to get a ton of people asking for us to host their giveaways, so we plan to do 1 at a time. Once one ends, another one will being (if we have).
    • Please keep it limited to not over 1week long for a giveaway and be specific when wanting to add a giveaway.
    • Please give the Staff member you contacted the items so that they can keep it and dish it out.
  • ?report
    • Use the command ?report [offender] [proof (link)] [reason]. The link will be to the picture/video as proof. Please use this command in #ingamesupport. If using the correct format, your message will delete and staff will see it in a private channel. Use Imgur, Lightshot, or Gyazo to do so.
  • Added the #rules-and-info - Please read through this channel to make yourself familiar with who is part of the Staff Team, what new commands have been added, and a lot of other things :D
If you find something that is incorrect about the Discord or would like to suggest something to add, please contact MilaDog#8249 or JackieKid7183#6661 and suggest it to us.

  • Added the subcategories USA and EU Applications
    • If not located in either the USA or EU, locate yourself based on your timezone
  • Looking for EU staff!! (Or those with similar timezone)
Top Donators
  • Congratulations @Z0M31E!, for winning this months raffle in top 10 donators!
  • That's right everyone, at the end of each month the top 10 donators names' will be put into a drawing for special and unique prizes!
    • Prizes will vary based on the current event.
That's it! Have a good day my fellow Zeranians!