Hey Zeranians, I hope everyone had a nice and fun November. Please read through this whole announcement, as there is some important / fun things you should all be looking forward to. Let’s get started!

  • Candy_Boss_365 Helper
  • DeltaNguyener Helper (Welcome back!)
  • Smusher328 Helper (Welcome back!)
  • Brekinho Diet Mod (Welcome back!)
  • Trook Backend Developer
  • Delerio Admin (Welcome back!)

Demotions / Resignations
  • Hyddraa
  • H20Tempest

  • Candy_Boss_365 OP Skyblock
  • DeltaNguyener Minions Skyblock
  • Smusher328 Minions Skyblock
  • Brekinho Minions Skyblock
  • Delerio Server Wide
  • Trook Server Wide

Top Voters
  • Mihaitsa $50
  • xShadowYoan_ $40
  • SebiRoGamer $30
  • Xxdamianxx $20
  • Kotahh_ $10
    • Please message me ASAP on the forums, discord, or in game if you were one of the top voters, or else you won’t be able to redeem your reward as they have a limited life span :D (JackieKid7183#6661)

Top 10 Donors
  1. jackleopapa
  2. FallonPierce
  3. Monster_Murder
  4. DankDoddleMemes
  5. Ahstinpvpz
  6. U4P
  7. Jackofallsniper
  8. PizzaKing1234
  9. Airosynn
  10. xNight_Wolfx
  • Congratulations all for being this month’s top 10 donors!
    • Prize: /kit PayDay
  • Congratulations jackleopapa, for winning this months raffle!
    • Prize: $200 store gift card
  • REMINDER: At the end of each month the top 10 donors’ names' will be put into a drawing for special and unique prizes!
December Events / Notifications
  • Tuesday December 5th, at 12pm CST, the server will be down and during that time, December’s Holiday will be added, as well as a new feature. (Server wide)
  • Tuesday December 5th, Holiday Fall Shop closed on buycraft, to make way for the Winter Holidays!
  • 2nd weekend of December - PvP Tournament
  • 3rd weekend of December - Holiday Boss Party (3 Bosses)
  • 4th weekend of December - Surprise Event
  • 5th weekend of December - Hide n Seek
  • As events get closer and closer, more information about them will be released

  • Looking for EU staff (Or those with similar timezone)
    • Need staff to cover all timezones
  • More staff needed for Factions
  • Apply here!

Staff Reviews
  • Added staff reviews for players to give a nice pat on the back and some recognition to some certain staff they think do well

That’s it everyone! Have a great December and all the upcoming holidays!!! ❤️
Hey Zeranians,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (for those who have it)! As many of you know, Black Friday is tomorrow and Cyber Monday is, well obviously on Monday. A 50% off sale will start tomorrow and end on Monday. Time to get in those purchase. Remember that top donor gets a prize at the end of the month! Have fun everyone!