Hey Zeranians, hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s, Christmas, and Hanukkah! Here’s the announcements for this month. :)


  • Airosynn
  • Acrolynn
  • XTherealNinjaX
  • LeBossJack

Diet Moderator
  • Candy_Boss_365
  • RedAssassin21

Assistant Developer
  • JackieKid7183
  • FokkusuKami

  • MilaDog

  • Delerio
  • xNight_Wolfx
  • tdog040104 (Nxtify)


  • Airosynn
  • Acrolynn

  • XTherealNinjaX
  • Candy_Boss_365
  • RedAssassin21

Minions Skyblock
  • LeBossJack


  • PriTiPi (Developer)
  • FokkusuKami (Assistant Dev)
  • JackieKid7183 (Assistant Dev)
  • MilaDog (Admin)
  • Brek (Diet Mod)
  • DRC333 (Diet Mod)
  • Candy_Boss_365 (Helper)

Top Voters
  • Mihaitsa -> $50
  • Sparky076 -> $40
  • AndreeaAle -> $30
  • Liviana -> $20
  • Ufo3d ->$10
Please PM me on discord or the forums to redeem your in store money! (JackieKid7183#6661)

Top 10 Donors
  • TheTimeHasCome
  • LeBossJack
  • xKorn
  • BanMe_
  • _PandaDesu_
  • Grethor
  • MerryXmasRetards
  • SirJulianThe3rd
  • Senior_Ducky
  • Siginax
Congratulations all for being this month’s top 10 donors!
  • Prize: /kit payday
Congratulations BanMe_ for winning this month’s raffle!
  • Prize: x5 New Year’s crate key
REMINDER: At the end of each month the top 10 donors’ names' will be put into a drawing for special and unique prizes!


Glad to say that Kingdoms is now in Beta Testing, so hop on and try this unique game mode out!
Kingdoms is similar to Factions and offers a lot of unique commands. It is only accessible with Minecraft 1.9 and up.

Due to it being in Beta, we’d love to be glad to fix any bug that may arise during your time playing. If you find a bug, either report it privately to a Staff member over Discord / Forums or make a Forums thread, ( Be sure to follow the guidelines for making the thread and have a form of proof ).

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you’ll each have a wonderful year. A 45% sale will be active till January 10th! :)

Hey Zeranians, thank you all for waiting so long for this month's update. I apologize for such the long wait. Let's get started! (Reminder: all bosses and kits are able to be purchased on the server store!)



Again, sorry everyone for such the long wait. I hope everyone has a good rest of the month, have fun Zeranians!